Adding a dog to your family can be one of the most rewarding things in this world. But there are some things you need to do in order to ensure that they live a long and healthy life. Here, our veterinarians in Doraville discuss some of the ways that you can help keep your dog healthy.

Putting Your Dog's Health First

Making the decision to add a dog to your family comes with a large amount of responsibility. Dogs are faithful companions that will always be happy to share all the love you can give, but it is important that you are also providing them with the necessary care in order to help them live a long and full life. Our WellPet Humane vets are available to help provide lifelong care for your dog. Below our vets discuss some of the ways in which you can help give your dog the best care possible.

What Are Their Nutritional Needs?

If you want to help your dog stay healthy then it is important to feed them food that is good for them, a well-balanced diet with little to no junk food or fillers. The size and breed of your dog along with their lifestyle will determine what their diet should consist of. Your Doraville vet is available to discuss what your dog's specific dietary needs are as well as what food would be best suited for them based on level of activity, and whether they have any underlying health conditions, as well as their breed and their size. These are all factors when it comes to caring for your dog and deciding what type of food would be best for them.

Weight Management

The weight of your dog has a direct effect on their overall health. If your dog becomes overweight or obese, they can begin to experience other serious serious conditions such as diabetes and joint pain. You can help to ensure that your dog never experiences not only these conditions, but many others than come along with obesity. Our veterinarians in Doraville can recommend types and brands of food that will help your dog receive all of the nutrients that they need as well as make recommendations on how much food you should be feeding them. The amount of food that you give them will have a direct effect on their weight and health.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

The breed of your dog will be the number one factor in knowing how much exercise your dog will require each day. The breed of dog has a large impact on how much exercise your dog will need. Some smaller breeds of dogs won't like to exercise at all and may only want bathroom breaks, while other larger, working breeds will go stir crazy if they don't get out to run enough. This makes it very important to research the breeds of dogs when you begin to consider adding a dog to your family in order to make sure that you get a breed that is suitable to you and your level of activity. Your veterinarian in WellPet Humane is able to give you recommendations on breeds that may work well for you as well as different ways to entertain your dog to curb any boredom that may occur.

How Often Should We Visit The Vet?

Routine physical examinations allow the vets at our Doraville animal hospital the opportunity to monitor your pet for any signs of potential illnesses and provide treatment as soon as possible. Routine veterinary exams at WellPet Humane in Doraville are one of the main ways you can ensure that your pet has a chance to live a long, happy and healthy life. During this physical examination, your vet will examine your dog looking for any signs of disease or injury that may be detrimental to your dog's health. If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your canine companion, this is also the time when you would speak to your Doraville vet about this. Once you have provided all information required and discussed any concerns your vet will then perform the physical wellness examination. Afterward, your vet will inform you of any concerns that they noted during the exam and make any recommendations for diagnostic testing or treatments.

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Does My Dog Need Vaccinations?

In order to best protect your pet and keep them healthy, it is highly recommended that you bring them in for routine vaccinations. These vaccinations will help to prevent various serious disorders and diseases that your dog may develop. Your veterinarian in Doraville will suggest the vaccines that are best suited to your dog and their needs and lifestyle. In most states, it is the law that your dog must receive the rabies vaccine. Rabies is a virus that is usually fatal and can be easily transmitted making it extremely dangerous, but there are other serious diseases such as parvo, distemper, and panleukopenia that are also entirely preventable using routine vaccinations. 

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How Can I Protect My Dog From Parasites?

Parasites and diseases can be easily transmitted from Ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, potentially infecting you and your family as well. Some of these parasites and diseases are very serious and life-threatening, luckily, they are also entirely preventable through various methods. Speak with your vet in Doraville to discuss the different types of parasite prevention and what is best suited to help protect your dog.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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