Raising a Puppy and Kitten Together

Are you trying to decide whether you would like to bring a new puppy or a new kitten into your loving family? Our WellPet Humane vets in Doraville have some information to share about raising a puppy and kitten together and why it can be a good idea.

What to Know About Raising a Puppy & Kitten Together

Getting a new pet comes with a number of questions and concerns, but adding a new pet to your family can also be very exciting. But how do you decide which pet to get? Do you get a dog or a cat? What about both?

Believe it or not, there are a number of benefits to raising a puppy and a kitten together. Dogs and cats usually don't develop an instinctive fear or dislike of each other until they are older and haven't had contact with one another. By raising them together from when they are young you can help to prevent those feelings from coming into play. While there are cases where the specific breed is the reason much of the time puppies and kittens can learn to love each other.

Our WellPet Humane vets will explain why raising them both at the same time can be good for your pets.

Are a puppy and a kitten a good match?

There are many reasons why a puppy and kitten can be really great for each other including:

  • Personal Hygiene- Over time your new puppy and kitten will begin to help keep each other clean. This can be a good indicator that they have fully accepted each other.
  • Keep Each Other Company- Normally if you have to go out and you have a pet they will be upset when you leave and may feel lonely. Having a puppy and a kitten at home together gives them someone to spend time with on those days when they are all alone. 
  • Outside "Buddies"- Kittens are not always outdoor pets but they can be a play friend for your puppy as they are learning to go outside. Your cat can also be leash trained in order to allow them to go outside with you and the puppy.
  • Sleep- Whether out of fear or comfort, you may find your new puppy and kitten sleeping together which can be very beneficial for each of them.
  • Potty Training- If you are raising a puppy and kitten together, they will be able to learn to use the bathroom together which can save you a lot of trouble.
  • House Rules- As you are teaching your dog not to jump on the furniture or stay in a certain area of the house, you can teach all your pets the same rules. This can make training both of them easier as one isn't seeming to be favored over the other and they will learn from each other's mistakes.

Can you expect your puppy and kitten to become best friends?

when you choose to raise a puppy and a kitten together you are setting them up for a lifetime of companionship. Since they are growing up together, they are there for each other. Having each other also helps especially if your cat or puppy has anxiety or attachment insecurities.

When deciding on a dog and cat breed you should research which breeds are good with each other in order to avoid any potential issues. Certain types of dogs -- those with a strong prey drive -- aren't usually good with felines. Think twice about keeping any kind of terrier, sighthound, or husky with cats. Spaniels and retrievers, bulldogs, Keeshonds, poodles, and Lhasa apsos are usually good with kittens.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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